Susan Jane May     - Florist
A ah ...That Vistaprint TV Advert...

Back in 2013 I had an email go into my Spam box from somewhere called 'Crocodile Casting' and  thought oh yeah, as if, dodgy-link-email if ever I saw one... but I Googled the company name, gave the contact number a call and discovered it was genuine! 
Vistaprint were going through all their UK Business customers looking for three of them to feature in their up and coming TV advert.
They'd got down to the final five and I was one of them!!

A trip to London to meet lots of important people from Boston and a screen test later and I got asked to be of the three ~ it was just so amazing!

We had two full days of shooting with Lights! Camera! Action! and it was terrific fun. There were no scripts, we just spoke it as we saw it and the whole experience was just so amazing ~ and they had chocolate bars....

We all thought we'd be featuring in the same one advert and were so surprised to find we each had our own 30 second tv ad. Well, actually two adverts...they used the footage they'd shot those two days to create a second, different advert after while.. I mean, heavens, how totally amazing and very, very lucky was that?


Vistaprint rolled the adverts out over 50 channels over the next couple of years. 
Bless 'em.
Here's the links if you missed the ad on TV..


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