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Whatever Makes You Happy...

Well do you know, the snow's disappeared today as quickly as it came! Bonkers weather! I took a sneak peek out earlier just to see what it was all up to and there it was gone ha. But here's a little pic I thought you might like to see - the bird bath water froze into something quite arty and gorgeous - and I had my dear husband stand there, in the cold, holding it at all different angles for me til I got the pic I wanted...bless him. But, now, hey, it's not meant to be on here sideways but I can't get it to load round the right way so bear with me on this....
Anyway, what I really thought I'd share today is a lovely little bag I brought back from Oz with me this year... it's just all bright and cheerful and has a lovely little message on it which says 'Whatever makes you happy, just do that'. It happens to be my swimming bag and that always makes me happy x
And what makes my big blonde Birman happy? Well, having the whole bed to himself seems to work a treat.... #veryhappycat xx
Happy Sunday Everyone 

Cold, Cold, Cold...

On Wednesday we had a LOT of snow here and everything did look absolutely Gorgeous but goodness me, it was sooo cold! We haven't had a snow fall like it here in years.. I thought - and I think it was a pretty good thought - that what it called for was a constant supply of Hot Chocolate while I was deciding whether or not to go outside and prep those buckets for a flower delivery that had a slim chance of getting here anyway... I'm pleased to say that common sense prevailed and I stayed indoors with the Cats and the Central Heating ...and had another hot chocolate. And I did do a lot of work on my website. And some washing. And did the cat litter trays again. It's amazing how all those jobs you're not too keen on suddenly seem like a totally good idea to do when it's  freezing outside ha!
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