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I think I’ve got a thing about feet…and travel….travel and feet. Feet on travels. Feet in sandals. On beaches. In the sea. In the pool. With tats. Without tats. Mostly with tats… Lots of feet….

What I’ve been doing today, amongst other things, is going back through my Google photos looking for something and it struck me how many pictures of my feet there were in there. Ha.
We all do this right? It’s not just me with some sort of footy fetish??
Travel absolutely and completely inspires me. I love it. I love the journey, the flight, the whole transition thing – the moving from one life-space to another. Just adore it. And the warmth when I get there, oh my goodness, do I like that or what! It’s like my skin just opens up and goes ‘Hey! I’ll have some of that pleeeease! Oh yes! Over here!’
I am, without a doubt, living in the wrong hemisphere ha.
My sister lives in Brisbane and I am one lucky bunny because I get to go visit her at the start of each year.
33 - 38 degrees of sunshine?  Oh yessy yes please.
High humidity too sometimes?  No worries, nope, absolutely fine.
Huge tropical-like storms with masses of lightning, the lot?  Like – Aah-May-Zing!!
I do a lot of photography while I’m there which I use for my artwork and design ideas - it was some of these photos I was looking for when I spotted all those feet…
Now, I do have The Most Fabulous travel companion who’s always come with me everywhere… Let me introduce you to Woofs, International Traveller Extraordinaire!!
Here we are arriving at Brisbane Airport… oh oops, wonky pic again..

And havin’ some Beach time…

Keepin’ cool in Noosa…

Catchin’ some rays…

And Enjoying a Cappucco at Redcliffe….

Oh yes, we have a special relationship me and Woofs…

Aah… Yes… well…er…there is just one teensie, weensie, little problemette…

 Oh ..aah... Hiya Harls!   You alright?   Anything wrong??....
((  Jealous?  Harls?  Er…  well maybe, yes…. just a tad… ))

PS.  I can't get these photos to load right today but Enjoy Anyway, life's too short  ha!

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anonymous on 07 August 2018 11:23
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