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Birmans, Bouquets and Days Off :)

And so another week has passed here in the blink of an eye!
Whenever did time get to move sooo swiftly?
I’ve had a Fab day today meeting, amongst others, a February wedding couple over at Hengrave Hall, Bury St. Edmunds to discuss amazing flowers…and Trees… ooh, I Love those!
Soo looking forward to this one – there’s Lots of creative collaboration going on here! Can’t wait! xx
So, now, back to the present…
Our Lilly… well she’s a whole lot better Hooray! Back to the AHT tomorrow to see the neurologists but…
She’s been jumping up onto the small sofa again all by herself –

Enjoying snuggles on the bed (alright…which she can’t quite jump up onto by herself but, hey, can now get down from with no trouble bless..)

And Harls??
Well he’s been REAL busy here this week… as you can see…

#ChilledBirman   # Workinghardintheoffice   


I think I might be in agreement with #WinstonChurchill here and decide to come back as a cat ha!

And talking about cats… So sorry, I can’t get this pic to go the right way round! ...

We have a local pussycat who’s just lovin’ the studio vibes at the mo…
And is quite colour co-ordinated too ha!
Lucky for this little puss, our Big Blonde has never mastered the art of fence or tree climbing… (Yep, I know, it’s an indoors-mainly- temple-cat-Birman-thing)
So if he snuggles up on the warm roof QUIETLY Harls never knows he’s there… Shhh…

And me? Well here’s what I’ve been up to on the Floristry side of things…
Bouquets and Buttonholes…

Tackling thorny, but Gorgeous, Vendela Roses….

And getting very excited about creating new designs for Indian Wedding and Celebration Garlands…
And prepping for a Day Off!! HOORAY!!
Tomorrow I’ll be giving myself some new Henna Tattoos…

When you work all weekend, Mondays are off right?
xx Happy Monday Everyone xx

May The Sunshine Shine :)

Today I have been a Gardener HOORAY!!
Yes, I’ve got some serious office work to catch up on after taking some time off over Easter…
Yes, I haven’t hoovered in a couple of days (read many, many, several, too many)…
Yes, there are, well, Loads of things I should do…but… Not Today eh? The Sun is shining and, for once, in absolute ages, it’s warm out there!
Here – see – Now how could I not go out there and resurrect my garden when it looked like this…

Every picture tells a tale…these are the Strawberry plants wanting some long overdue attention…and the Geraniums just getting above themselves…and handy those Floristry buckets when there’s a bit of weeding to be done ha!

The best thing was that our Lillycat came out with me – She is oh such a very Happy Cat to be back home! We had a bit of ‘Sunning’ in the studio doorway followed by a bijoux bit of ‘Baking’ on the bench with me while I had a coffee break – well, coffee and biscuit break – well OK – coffee and biscuits break… (so how can you eat only ONE Oreo? Not possible!)

Lil’s did make a point of mentioning, in her own way, that she had a bit of a sore leg…
See the   l  o  n  g   stretch of it towards me?
My little chicken-leg-cat… a bit of fresh Tuna helped no end…

In the meantime the Big Blonde had made himself comfy up on the bed… Hmm… Knew I shouldn’t have left that particularly-prone-to-creasing cardi there but I was just in such a hurry to change and get outside…
Note To Self: Add ‘Washing to Do’ to the list…

Tomorrow’s a busy day too…
There’s prep to do for the Wedding Flowers Day Course I’m running at the West Suffolk College here in Sudbury on Saturday.
And at least 2-3 hours of office work to get done.
And I want to get over to the Beth Chatto Garden in Elmstead Market for plants, herbs, inspiration, coffee, ambience, bird song, plants, woodland plants, ideas, cake, photographs…
Did I hide the cake bit enough? Ha! They do REALLY lovely cakes over there… Just saying…
And then I’ve got that washing to do too…
And the Drying…

This already looks like the leaning tower of Pisa… Oh Ha Ha!!
 Wish Me Luck!!
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