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Flowers and a Maroochydore Sunrise

So  I thought I'd do a little blog post today about - amongst other things - what's happening at the Flower Studio....

 Because there's still the nasty Covid out there and the studios aren't that big, I've decided to keep them closed to the public for now. But I am currently taking orders, either for local delivery or safe collection from here, for flower tributes or smaller weddings that just need bouquets and buttonholes and maybe Top Table flowers. I'll be open for these kinds of orders for the rest of September and all of October, closing again once the clocks go back. 
For now there are still some gorgeous, Summery flowers to be had and the weather is kind enough that they're happy to open beautifully in the natural light of the studio. Last week I had a special tribute to make and used some stunning Meijer Four Seasons Roses combined with a lovely purple/blue Clematis and some deep blue Gentian - a really lovely mix of Country Garden style flowers. This, I have to say, is my favouritest colour palette in the whole world...

On the art side, I've managed to get some of my finished tapestry wallhangings listed in both my Etsy and Folksy shops - and I've popped photos of them on my website too. Admin - it can take a while - especially when 'help' arrives.... Would you just look at the size of that paw stretched across the keyboard! There was no way Harls was wanting me to be doing what I was doing right then - he wanted attention!!

And I've started a new weave - this time it's a Maroochydore sunrise inspired wallhanging. The colours are incredibly vibrant and I've been spinning a fabulous, naturallyTurmeric dyed, Merino Wool & Tussah Silk blend to add to the sunrise colours. The majority of yarns I weave with I now spin myself - wool, silk, egyptian cotton, Ramie (nettle fibre) and, very soon, Alpaca.

I also managed to get hold of the most beautiful raw fleece from a Teeswater sheep whose name is Amethyst - it's now hand washed and dried and the locks are just perfect for this weave..

You can see just how beautifully it works with the colours in the pic below ... and there's the inspirational photo in there too, "borrowed" from an Insta post put up by Laurel Resin Art (who you can find at the Eumundi Markets, QLD - and you know how much I love that place!)

If you want to see how this weave is coming along then have a look at my Insta page or the Studio2Artwork Facebook page - there's links to both on my website's home page.
Have a lovely weekend! 

PS. Any comments with links in are now, without exception, being rejected before they're even published. 

Weddings, Art and Covid 2020

Weddings, Art & Lockdown 2020

Wedding Flowers in the flower studio
So, it's been a very long time since I wrote a Blog Post but I feel that the time is right now and so I'm sitting here, in the sunshine, drinking my coffee and about to have a public chat again.. It's also been a long, long time since my studio looked like this - full of wedding flowers and buckets.. Like so many wedding florists my year has become empty with wedding dates all being moved forward to next year. Next year already had it's own bookings in place so that's now looking super busy, which is good isn't it but there are still many months to go before we get underway with season 2021...

And so, this year has given me the time back, during the enforced lockdown months, to concentrate on my first love, my art. I have always been a creator / artist and am, without doubt, an introvert who is very happy spending endless hours in the artroom / studio. This recluse florista has been painting progressively larger canvases full of flowers using oils and acrylics and learning to hand spin natural yarns with which to make tapestry wallhangings. 
Oil Painting for Sale   Art for Sale    Studio2Artwork
I've always had a great love of textiles - I did embroidery for A Level - and have baskets of lace and organza, silk and satin here for brides to choose from for their bouquets - but, oh my, what I really love are the natural fibres - wool, plant fibres and SILK!! 
Hand Spun Corriedale Wool
This is weaving is becoming a bit of a passion and I've recently pushed the boundaries on the spinning front by hand spinning some 100% Egyptian cotton... a Diva of a fibre for sure with extra short fibre lengths and so fine that the breeze coming in through the window separated the fibres at one point but it's a lovely yarn and I was pleased to spin it.

And I've openeed an Etsy shop - but more on that next time..
Bye for now..
Hand finishing fringing with embroidery silk on a Woven Wallhanging

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